A Moment of Friction – Dev Update

Category : Dev Reel, Updates


A Moment of Friction is a project being worked on by myself and three others (Josh Long, PJ Materio, and Alex Macon).  It’s being built with Unreal Engine / UDK and is being limited to a development cycle of approximately four months.  We started with one, basic mechanic that is the focus of our game and expanded on it, creating an intricate system that challenges and rewards the player at the same time.  Armed with two abilities, we set the player in a fast paced environment that is teeming with obstacles and hidden dangers.

As of this update I’ve managed to implement…

  • a menu, UI, and HUD system.
  • a charge / dash ability.
  • a time dilation ability.
  • energy specific to the player that’s used for abilities.
    • Set to recharge at a decaying rate.
  • an in-air scoring counter and multiplier.
  • a custom actor created for use as a token.
  • a custom splash screen.

So, progress is good and we’re continuing to move forward.  Hopefully I’ll have some time to post another update in the near future.