I’m Russ “Roe” Roegner…

and I’ve always been a fan of video games but I wasn’t really sucked in until halfway through my teen years.  Half-Life, though I played many games before it, was the game that started it all for me, drawing me into the world of PC gaming and multiplayer action with Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic.  Since then I’ve been an avid gamer, trying out almost every genre, playing countless hours of my favorite games, building my own PCs, and taking the time to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree in Game Design from Full Sail University.

Now, I can’t stop playing games and I can’t stop thinking of new, exciting, intense, and highly enjoyable experiences that I want to share with the industry.  As much as I enjoy playing video games, I can’t deny the fact that I may just like creating them more.  I want to design and bring to life the worlds, characters, and stories that I imagine and think up.  Working on a highly motivated team that shares the same deep passion for games that I have and wants to deliver fresh, new, innovative content that is high in quality, offering a fantastic experience through gameplay and narrative is my goal.  Having worked with ambitious, talented, and determined teammates before I am looking forward to contributing to and becoming part of future teams and projects.  To take a look at what I’ve already accomplished or am currently working on, head over to my works area or check out my updates section.

If you’re interested in seeing my qualifications and resume you can click here.  A link to download a PDF copy of my resume is available at the bottom of the page.  If you’d like to get in touch with me please feel free to send me a message.

P.S. My favorite games include Super Mario Bros, Goldeneye, Half-Life, The Walking Dead by Telltale, and the yet to be released Star Citizen. I’m a huge fan of Tolkien, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

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